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305HBC freeman employee 1816 - 1827

Pierre Bostonnais , known for his yellow hair (Tête Jaune), was active in the fur trade in 1816. He acted as a guide in the Rocky Mountains for Jose Gaubin in 1819 and Ignace Giasson in 1820 in an attempt to prepare the natives for the possible arrival of the HBC as a rival trader to the NWC. Although he was in the New Caledonia area for some time after that, and probably wintered over at Fort Alexandria in 1825-26, he did not appear in the records as frequently as his brother. In September 1827, Tête Jaune, his family and children, as well as his brother and his family, were all killed by a party of natives near the mouth of the Finlay River (FtStJmsPJ 14, April 27, 1828). Tête Jaune had a wife and family but their names have not been traced. The Yellowhead Pass (Tête Jaune Cache) was named after him.

  • PierreTete Jaune
  • Bostonnais---
  • Tête
  • ------
demographics Iroquois and European. birth unknown, death September, 1827
associated with
Rocky Mountains from 1819 to 1819
New Caledonia from 1826 to 1826
significant narrative locations
from 1825to 1826 Fort Alexandria, New Caledonia
biological relationships
Brother - Jean Baptiste Bostonnais, birth unknown(Lower Canada), death September, 1827(Lower Canada)
family unit
Unknown, birth unknown, death unknown
Unknown, birth unknown, death unknown
Unknown, birth unknown, death unknown
family other

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